Top 10 Best Pediatric Humidifiers

Posted in Nebulizers on July 2, 2017

Humidifiers are a wide range of devices that are generally used to increase the humidity (or moisture) in a single room or a whole house. Humidifiers can vary greatly in their size, installation, purpose, and effect. A humidifier can be connected to the home HVAC system and provide humidity for the entire place, it can instead be a point-of-use device that simply humidifies one room, or it can even be a portable nebulizer / inhaler that can also be used as a humidifier. Such devices can have both medicinal and preventive health purposes, depending on your needs.

It is precisely because of the large variety of humidifiers that a Top 10 list can be quite challenging. Here, however, we will focus our attention mostly on pediatric humidifiers – items that are either specifically intended for children, or can be used by both children and adults to a great effect.

As always, we will focus on the quality of the items offered on the market right now and give you the rundown of the Top 10 best pediatric humidifiers that are available right now. First we will start it off with our Top 3 listed below.

Uniclife Rechargeable Mini USB Inhaler. 3240$
Uniclife Handheld Inhaler with Car Power Adapter Charger & a Wall Charger.3131$
Uniclife Rechargeable Inhaler.3.5156$$

For 7 more options that may suit your needs keep reading below.

  • Drive Medical Ultrasonic Cool Mist Puddles The Pig Pediatric Humidifier.A classical pediatric humidifier, Puddles the Pig is an ultrasonic cool mist pediatric humidifier by Drive Medical. With an adorable pink design, this humidifier will easily provide great moisture in assistance of any respiratory relief that your child may require. Sinus problems, dry coughs, common cold, and any other kind of respiratory distress will be greatly affected by this pediatric humidifier.
  • Vicks Pediatric Soothing Vapors with Cool Mist Action. Vicks are the next entry on our list with their Pediatric soothing vapors humidifier with cool mist action. This great device easily produces an ultra fine cool mist for the relief of respiratory problems your child might have. This humidifier can operate up to 20 hours with one filling of its 1.2 gallon reservoir. Its air filter perfectly cleans any dust, odors, or other contaminants from the air. The device is very simply and easy to use with its top-fill channel being as straight-forward to operate as possible.
  • Uniclife Rechargeable Mini USB Inhaler. Our third entry is a pocket inhaler by Uniclife. A rechargeable mini USB device, it serves as an inhaler, as well as a handheld ultrasonic humidifier. It is ideal both for working adults who need an inhaler and a humidifier on the go, and for children. Easy to use, easy to carry, this device is also virtually silent – it won’t bother your child with its noise, and it won’t bother the people around you. A perfect marriage between power and efficiency, the Uniclife rechargeable mini USB inhaler is a worthy inclusion in our list not in spite of its size, but largely because of it.
  • Vicks Pediatric Warm Steam Vaporizer.Another Vicks option, this pediatric vaporizer utilizes warm steam to a great effect. Coming in a pack of two, this device offers a warm steam that is free of any bacteria and perfectly humidifies any room. With a cool, classical design, you would be happy to have this device in any room, including in your child’s bedroom. A warm steam vaporizer such as this one can offer a great deal of respiratory relief to your child’s problems.
  • Uniclife Handheld Inhaler with Car Power Adapter Charger & a Wall Charger. To once again jump from Vicks to Uniclife, here we have another handheld inhaler that is suitable for children and adults alike. Not only that, but it also comes with a car power adapter charger and a wall charger, for extra utility. Very powerful and versatile, this product can be used both for the relief of medical respiratory problems, as well as for beauty skin care.
  • Uniclife Rechargeable Inhaler. Staying with Uniclife is not a coincidence, considering their great lineup in the branch of inhalers, humidifiers, and nebulizers. This next rechargeable inhaler is another prime example of that – a multipurpose device, it also serves as a portable handheld vaporizer, as an essential oil diffuser, and as a personal cool mist inhaler. Great for all family members, including children, it is a flexible, powerful, quiet, and comfortable to use option for both medicinal and everyday use.
  • Vanker Handheld Steam Inhaler.We haven’t forgotton about Vanker, as they too make an appearance on our list with their handheld steam inhaler. Another multipurpose family device, this item can also be used as a steam vaporizer by any member of the family, adult and child alike. It is specifically designed to offer a compact and lightweight, yet sufficiently powerful inhalation treatments of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and all manner of other respiratory problems. Its cool mist technology also makes it a great humidifier, resulting in another great addition to our Top 10 list.
  • Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors Waterless Vaporizer. Back to Vicks for the last time on this list, here we have a unique waterless vaporizer. With its advanced soothing vapors technology, this item has up to 16 hours of continuous vapor release between recharges. It allows for adjusting the intensity of the vapors, and also has a soft glowing night light and a comforting menthol scent. Ideal for your child’s room, this item has 1 plug and 4 refill pads for the ideal user experience.
  • Uniclife Compact Compressor System Kit Portable Cool Mist Inhaler. To end our list we are making the jump from Vicks to Uniclife one last time. Here, we have a compact compressor system kit portable cool mist inhaler with a one year warranty. It doesn’t look child-like, however, its extremely easy-to-use system makes it ideal for operation from people of all ages, including kids. It is also impressively quiet, which makes it great for a child’s room. The full kit comes together with a container, a filter, an air tube, an adult mask, a child mask, a mouthpiece, and detailed instructions for a great consumer comfort.

And there you have them – the best pediatric humidifiers on the market right now. The market for medicinal hardware such as this is exceptionally fluid so we can be expected to see more and more great pediatric humidifiers in the near future. Nevertheless, these 10 items are of such a quality that they are certain to keep doing a great job for you and your kids even after several years. If you are looking for a top-notch pediatric humidifier you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

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