Top 10 Best Steam Inhalers

Posted in Nebulizers on June 24, 2017

Steam inhalers are one of those medical devices that often need to be bought for home use, yet are also often mistaken with nebulizers. And such mistakes are justifiable, since steam inhalers and nebulizers serve a rather similar function – both use air to take care of your respiratory system. While similar, however, at the Read More »

Best Portable Nebulizer 2017

Posted in Nebulizers on June 1, 2017

For patients who have asthma, their physician may recommend a portable nebulizer or breathing treatment. A portable nebulizer delivers the same medication as is used in MDIs (metered dose inhalers). Nebulizers are simpler to use than metered dose inhalers, especially for children. They can also be used on adults who have a critical case of Read More »