Top 9 Best Nebulizer Tubing Sets

Posted in Nebulizers on July 2, 2017

Anyone who has ever used a nebulizer, an inhaler, a vaporizer or humidifier, or any other type of such devices, knows how important the tubing is. Frequent use requires regular replacement of the highest quality, especially when we are talking about devices with a medical use.

For the unfamiliar with the subject, a nebulizer is a device that is used for the administration of mist-form medicine. A typical nebulizer sends the mist medicine through the mouth down the respiratory system of the patient, be it to the sinuses, the lungs, or the system as a whole. Nebulizers and inhalers can be used both with medicinal purposes, as well as for prevention and even for skin beauty care, when they act as humidifiers and vaporizers as well.

The tubing for such a device can often “make or break” the whole process by either simply being of lower quality or compromising the process, or simply by frequently needing replacements. This is exactly why we decided to compile this list of the Top 9 best nebulizer tubing sets out on the market right now – because we know how important it is to have the highest quality item with you when you need it for your health.

Aerosol Disposable Vaporizer Kit with Tubing.4.5126$$$
Orsini Disposable Aerosol Vaporizer Kit with Tubing.4.59$$
Oxygen Supply Tubing - 7' clear, 5 pack.4.521$
Salter Labs Sa8110 Adult Elongated Mask With 7' Tubing.3.538$
American Bantex 14 Foot Oxygen Tubing.449$
Roscoe Medical 25 Foot Oxygen Tubing. 4.564$
Medline Oxygen Tubing.459$$
VixOne Disposable Aerosol Mouthpiece, 7ft tubing and reservoir.51$$$
Pari Vios PRO Tubing.43$$
  • Aerosol Disposable Vaporizer Kit with Tubing. Healthline Trading starts our list in a great fashion with their Aerosol disposable vaporizer kit with tubing. A compact and lightweight set of the highest quality, this kit has everything you might want. Your old tubing got clogged and you need new tubing that won’t burst or come off under pressure? You can’t go wrong with this set.
  • Orsini Disposable Aerosol Vaporizer Kit with Tubing. Next on our list is this product brought to us by Orsini. A disposable aerosol vaporizer kit with tubing, this is another great example of a high quality tubing. A 3 pack kit with 7 foot tubing, it is a great alternative for anyone that is looking for replacing tubing for their nebulizer, inhaler, compressor or vaporizer.
  • Oxygen Supply Tubing - 7' clear, 5 pack.Westmed make our list as well. This 5 pack of Oxygen simply tubing offers top of the line tubing for your nebulizer, inhaler or vaporizer needs. The tubing is latex free which is of great importance to a lot of patients. Instead, it is a Kink resistant 6 channel star lumen oxygen tubing. It also has standard connectors making the set a universal fit for any nebulizer or inhaler out on the market right now – that is most oxygen concentrators, conservers, and regulators. The tubing is also 7 feet long, matching the industry standard.
  • Salter Labs Sa8110 Adult Elongated Mask With 7' Tubing. Salter Labs also made our list thanks to their Adult elongated mask with 7’ tubing. Coming together with a pediatric oxygen mask, this set is an ideal replacement for the original tubing and masks of any nebulizer or inhaler. The masks are not latex free, however, it is of highest quality and is very inexpensive. Quite simply a perfect tubing set with masks – little else needs to be said about it.
  • American Bantex 14 Foot Oxygen Tubing.If 7 feet is not enough for your, this American Bantex 14 foot oxygen tubing might be just what you were looking for. The tubing is of the highest quality, guaranteeing zero kinking and complete crush resistance. Usable in conjunction with any Oxygen machine, be it a nebulizer, an inhaler, a vaporizer, or a compressor, the tubing is made out of vinyl and is certain to be a great replacement for your nebulizer’s original tubing.
  • Roscoe Medical 25 Foot Oxygen Tubing. So, 7 feet was not enough, but maybe even 14 feet is not enough either? Don’t worry, Roscoe Medical is here to the rescue. Roscoe’s 25 foot oxygen tubing is guaranteed to give you the length your home or bed requires for adequate nebulizer use. The inner diameter of the tubing is 3/16 of the inch or 4.7625 mm, which is very much standard for the industry. Made out of the highest quality plastic out there, it is sure to be crush resisting and none kinking. If you require a longer tubing of a great quality – this Roscoe Medical tube should be your first consideration.
  • Medline Oxygen Tubing.Staying in the 25 feet group, here we have Medline’s answer to Roscoe Medical. Medline’s oxygen tubing is also 25 feet and is made out of a unique, relaxed material that is also crush resistant and low memory. The end result – complete prevention of kinking. It can be bought in sets of 5 or 25 at a time, making the individual price ~ $1.27 – $1.36 per tubing. It is completely latex free and when you select tubing in violet color it will easily provide you with a greater visual contrast which is a great feature for increasing the patient safety and longevity of the tubing.
  • VixOne Disposable Aerosol Mouthpiece, 7ft tubing and reservoir.We are close to the end of our list and we encounter a product from Health Essentials – their VixOne disposable aerosol set of mohtpience, a 7 foot tubing and a reservoir is another great addition to our Top 9. A complete set that includes everything except a mask, it is made of the highest quality of latex free material. The tubing is crush resistant and none kinking and it will fit any oxygen machine – nebulizer, inhaler, vaporizer or other.
  • Pari Vios PRO Tubing.Last but not least, here we have an item from Pari Respiratory Equipment. This Pari Vois PRO tubing is another great quality tubing to consider for your nebulizer, inhaler, compressor or vaporizer. It works with Pari nebulizers, as well as other brands as well. It is made of the highest quality material and offers complete crush and kinking resistance. It is only 5 feet long, so if you are looking for shorter tubing that won’t get in your way and be easier for cleaning and maintenance, definitely keep the Pari Vois PRO tubing in mind.

And there you have them – the Top 9 best nebulizer tubing sets out on the market right now. For anyone that has had to use a nebulizer several times a day each day for years to come – you know how vital the tubing is for the whole process. The mask and the mouthpiece may be easy to clean and adjust, but the tubing is something that simply needs to be replaced quite often, and has to be of the highest quality. It may be easily overlooked by those that are new to nebulizers, but the rest of us know of its vital importance.

Whatever changes happen in the field of medicinal nebulizers in the years to come, high-quality tubing will always be essential. And these 9 products are of the highest quality there is.






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